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HALIFAX North Bridge Leis. Ctr. - BABYnTots, N. New Sale

BABY Clothes, Toys & Buggies – table top sale, indoors.

Sunday April 27th  3pm – 4.30pm              CLICK here for a MAP

The registration time for Sellers - is 1 hour prior to the above public opening time.

Standard Adult Admission - price  £2.00

Please read the following guide before booking the space you require at the bottom of this page.

You pay for the space that you use inside the hall -  however tables are allocated for your use from the time you book ( there is no additional cost as this is a FREE complimentary service).  We do not provide clothing rails.

By booking online you provide the necessary information for the hall to be prepared in advance, this makes it quicker for us to place everyone within the hall and saves everybody time on the day.

Upon your arrival at the event you should make your way to the registration point where you will asked to show us a copy of your PayPal receipt (As distinct from the Invoice) and to sign the event register against your booking. You will then be taken to your space.

A single sales space is 6 foot long (set in line with the rows of tables). Suitable for free standing goods which don't require a person to crouch down to inspect them such as prams, push chairs, cots, rails etc., and should be placed so that they don’t protrude into the walkway. (It is an insurance requirement that there shouldn't be any items placed in any of the aisles or public walkways).

The tables are 6ft long - used for displaying small items such as clothing, small toys & books etc. A table is the same size as the space they stand on (and is interchangeable). A single table on a space is described below as 'A bin liner pack' as this is roughly the amount of clothes that may reasonably be displayed on one table.

For those with large and small items you will need to book below 'a large item pack' - this will provide you with a 6ft space next to a 6ft table - these larger items, toys and walkers sell extremely well, are of a high value and can significantly add to the monies you take home after the sale.

As a further guide to the amount of space that you might need, we have found that an average size car filled with miscellaneous baby items will require two tables to display clothing and smaller items, plus a space for larger items. To suit this popular requirement we provide 'A CAR LOAD PACKAGE' which can be booked at a discounted rate using the drop down menu below.

So that you know in advance you will be able to display all of your goods, you are advised to make a list of what you have to sell so as to ensure you have sufficient space. You should not assume that you will be able to obtain extra space on the day as the hall is pre allocated and set out ready for everyones placement. There isn't any spare space inbetween pitches and it is unlikely that the person next to you will want to let you have any of theirs. Those who book a single table should note that a single table does not come with any spare space to the side for any larger items.

If you are in any doubt as to how much space to book, we recommend that you err on booking more space rather than less as it is very likely that another person will pay you for it if you find you have too much. (and if this proves to be the case, let us know and we will find someone who requires more space so that you can have your money back.)
On the day of the sale, sellers are required to be at the venue and ready for placement one hour before the public opening time. We recommend that you arrive at the premises another 15minutes before this time to park and find the whereabouts of the registration point, a sign will in placed to advise you of its location.

DO NOT ARRIVE LATE! Surprisingly and for what ever reason – there are people who fail to turn up and there are also those people who arrive without booking in advance. As a result of this there is a cut off time for arrivals which is 30 minutes before the public opening time. This means that any space which remains unfilled at this point will then be made available to people who turn up requesting placement on the day.

For registration and placement at the event bring with you a copy of your PayPal receipt as opposed to the Recycle 4 Children Invoice - ( - an Invoice is not proof of payment). If this is not possible, bring the name of the person who made the booking along with the PayPal Transaction number sent to you as confirmation of your payment.
Last but not least - remember to bring with you plenty of change in particular pound coins plus a variety of notes. You will also need a marker pen to write out your prices plus some post it notes to stick onto your items (these are preferable to sticky address labels - as they can stick permanently to some types of clothes and surfaces.)

Use the drop down to book the number of spaces that you require -  


TABLE HIRE - 'FREE' with every 'Booking Pack' (Book Below)

Any items left behind at the end of the sale will be recycled or donated to a registered charity.
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